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Initially you will only have the default fighter, which is far from adequate, it is just a converted survey ship as used by the Aegis in its normal research role. As soon as you have some raw materials it’s time to think about better equipment and then later creating new bigger hull designs.

You must always be careful to maintain a balance between the three resource-sinks Research, Construction and Repair. If you spend all your resources on any one then the others will suffer. Imagine taking a beating from the enemy only to find the Aegis has run out of resources and you cannot repair your ship!

If any ship is destroyed then the escape pod launches, you must get back to the Aegis as quickly as possible.
The Runabout is an off the shelf converted survey ship, if you have no custom hulls you can always access one of these standard fighters.
The Prowler is a major upgrade to the survey ship; the port nacelles carry extra weapons pods.
The Avenger is a completely new design; although it carries the same number of weapons it can take the more advanced larger weapon upgrades.
The Devastator is the ultimate one-man fighter. Its six weapon pods can carry top of the line weapons.



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