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Tactics & Strategy | Basic Play Guide | Ship Configuration Basics

Within the ship construction screen you can review the internal layout of a ship and modify the layout of equipment it uses. There are however three vital factors to be aware of:

Mining If you haven’t fitted a gravity generator then you won’t be able to pull in resources as they become available. It is vital you always keep resource supplies topped up.
Generator Almost every item on a ship needs power so you must fit a generator or you wont be able to launch. You can only fit one. Check the generator you fit can create enough power for the ship, every time you upgrade something it will probably need more power.
Engine Obviously your ship needs an engine, but check the mass rating is high enough. You can only fit one and it must go in a specific location. As you add equipment to your ship its overall mass increases. If the engine isn’t rated high enough then the ship will be sluggish when accelerating and decelerating. This can be critical.

Although it is essential to generate enough power for the engines it is possible to launch a fighter that cannot create enough power for the engines AND the weapons. This is in fact quite normal, you just have to deactivate the engines before firing.

Batteries A better solution is to fit batteries to the hull, during periods of low usage they will take spare power and charge up, then in times of need such as when thrusting and firing they can supply the extra power required, for a short time.

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