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 Starscape Manual

Tactics & Strategy | Basic Play Guide | Game Options

All of the functions on this screen can also be edited by hand in the Starscape.cfg file, this allows settings to be changed if the game will not run for any reason. The controls can only be modified in game though.

Window style
Do you want the game to run in a window or full screen, the game should normally be played full screen. On some hardware running in a window causes the game to run very slowly. NOTE: if you click any of the buttons that cause your web browser to open, then the game will automatically drop into a window. You can either manually switch back to full screen when you are ready or the game will start full screen the next time it is launched.

Texture quality
High is best, low is there for older hardware that either doesn’t work with texture quality set high or runs too slowly.

Screen mode
32bit is best but 16bit is there for older graphics cards where 32bit either doesn’t work at all or runs too slowly. We have found 16bit mode can make the game run a lot faster on some older graphics cards.

Audio mode
Affects the quality of the audio, if the game runs slowly then try turning this down. You can also disable audio completely if you are experiencing a technical problem and the game wont run at all.

Music and Sfx volume
Independent control of music and sound effects volume to balance the levels to suit your system.

Takes you to the controls page where you can alter the keyboard or joystick input mapping.


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Starscape Manual
How To Play
Getting Started
Default Controls
Tactics and Strategy
Basic play guide
Your ships
Ship configuration
Other equipment
Grid map
Game modes
R & D
Game Options
Advanced play guide

Managing your ships
Ship configuration
The enemy
Buying the game
The full version
How does it work?
What do I do?
Technical Issues
Tested Systems
3D hardware
Configuration File
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