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About OpenGL
What Version Should I use?
How do I know if I have OpenGL?
Where do I get it from?

About OpenGL
Starscape uses OpenGL to access your 3D hardware accelerator card to render the games sprites and create myriad effects at blistering speeds. OpenGL consists of two elements the API and the driver, Windows needs the API installed and your graphics card needs the latest driver installing. Without OpenGL installed the game will not run, for more information go to the OpenGL website.

What version should I use?
Starscape requires OpenGL version 1.1 or later to work correctly, most flavours of Windows will come preloaded with a suitable version of the API and drivers. The only exception being Windows95, in this case a separate download is required.

How do I know if I have OpenGL?
If you have Windows95OSR2 or later you will definitely have the API installed. The easiest way to tell if you have it is to download the free ‘Starscape’ demo and run it, if the drivers or API aren’t present the game will inform you. Note: if the game runs, but extremely slowly, then you probably have the OpenGL API but no 3D hardware accelerator or the drivers for it are very old. In this case visit your graphics card manufacturer for the latest Windows driver.

Where do I get it from?
You should only consider installing a driver or the API if you are experiencing a specific problem with the game. If you have Windows95 pre the OSR2 release then you will need to go to Microsoft for the OpenGL update, all other versions of Windows should be fine. Regardless of which version of Windows you have installed it is always a good idea to visit your video card manufacturers website and download the latest Windows drivers. This is vital if you are running Windows XP as it ships with software rendering OpenGL drivers only. All video card manufacturers will provide a single driver update for your version of Windows, this will contain both DirectX elements and OpenGL elements, you only need one driver.


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