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Support | Technical

If you're having problems with Starscape then use the links below to help us to solve your problem quickly. Visit the technical support and machine specification pages to determine what the problem is. If all else fails click here for our contact details.

I can't install the game
I can't get the game to run
The graphics appear corrupted
There's no sound
Why can't I play the full version?
The game is slow/hard to control?
What do I do if all else fails?

I can't install the game.

  • Firstly the game and the demo are one and the same thing - in order to play the demo or the full game you must have installed the demo first.
  • Make sure first that your machine fits the required machine specification.
  • Make sure you have enough space on your hard disk for the demo. You might need to make some more space by deleting old or unwanted files from your machine.
  • If you have tried installing the demo and it still doesn't work - are you sure you have a machine with a suitable version of DirectX, and with a supported 3D accelerator?

I can't get the game to run.

  • Are you sure you have a version of DirectX on your machine? If not this link will explain where to download the latest version. Are you sure you have a suitable 3D accelerator in your machine?
  • Do you have the latest drivers for your video card/3D accelerator? Check on the machine spec page for cards the game has been tested on.

The graphics appear corrupted.

  • Please check the 3D hardware accelerators page for details of problems on specific cards.
  • You may have an older driver, you might want to update your machine's video drivers - do this by going to the web pages of the maker of your video card.

There's no sound
Are you sure you have:

  • A suitable sound card fitted (it must be DirectSound or SoundBlaster compatible).
  • Speakers/head-phones connected to your machine/sound card.
  • Turned the volume up on your speakers/headphones.
  • Turned up the main volume of your sound card, using the taskbar speaker icon.
  • On the final point - within Windows you can set the volume of sound. To do this on the bottom right corner of the screen double click on the yellow 'speaker' icon. This icon can sometimes appear with a red circle over the top of it - this happens when sound on your system has been muted (disabled). Make sure each of the sliders is at their highest positions. Make sure that all of the 'Mute' and 'Mute All' tick boxes are off (without tick).

Why can't I play the full version?

  • Well, have you bought access to the full version of the game?
  • If not, then please go here to find out how to purchase the full version. If yes, then the key is probably not installed correctly on your machine. To install a key
    - Buy the key from the site,
    - Go to the member log in page, enter your ‘challenge’ code and then you will be sent a ‘response’ code.
    - Run the game and type this ‘response’ code into the registration screen.

The game is slow / hard to control

This is probably because of how the game is configured and/or how your machine is set up. Therefore you need to reconfigure your machine and/or the game in order to increase performance. Please try the following ideas:

  • Make sure you close down everything on your machine except for the game. The other programs will eat up some of your machine's resources. It is especially a good idea to close down mail/internet programs as they can interrupt the game, making game play 'jumpy' (stops and starts).
  • If after trying the above you still find the game runs too slowly you might want to upgrade your machine. Here are some of the ways that will improve the performance of the game.
  • Memory - More than 256Mb of memory (RAM) will likely make little difference though.
  • Processor - Get a faster processor. Check the recommended machine specs for details.
  • Video card - Buy a new 3D accelerator. If you have one of the cards listed in the machine spec page it is probably fast enough.
  • You can also improve the performance of the game by changing the graphics settings. Choose 'Options' from the main menu to adjust the display colour depth, audio quality, etc.
  • This may be the result of a badly configured custom fighter, i.e. the engine is too small to manoeuvre it properly or you aren't generating enough power. See the appropriate section of the manual for more information.

What do I do if all else fails?

You can contact our online help staff. Please make sure you have completely read through this page before contacting our staff. Note that anybody who has purchased a product from us gets a priority service. To get this service please include within your message the customer name and email address you used to purchase the products.

To help us quickly work out what the problem is you must include the configuration of your machine. You can get this automatically as the game will create a file listing all the relevant details. You can find it in the install directory, the same place as the game exe; it is called ‘console.log’.

Within the mail please provide:

  • Where you got the file from.
  • Where the problem takes place.
  • How often (if applicable) the problem takes place.
  • How the problem manifests itself
  • Attach the console.log file to the email

Thank you for taking the time to provide this information, this will greatly ease the process of finding out what the problem is. Send your email to and we will try to get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.


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