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 Word Pirate Reviews
Girl Gamers Unite

"Unique and fun twist on a classic word game; good music; easy to pick up and play; lots of missions keep the game interesting; captivating story"

"one of the most refreshing and unique takes on word puzzle gameplay"

"Word Pirate is an excellent choice for anyone who likes word puzzle games and also has a soft spot in their hearts for swashbuckling adventure"


"The game works so well because, like the comparable game Puzzle Quest, it takes a strong, central game mechanic and wraps it in a fun setting, involving story, and injects it with the character progression of a role-playing game"
"shows the workmanship put into the game and sends it soaring above your expectations. Play this game now"

CaptainD's PC Gaming Blog

"takes two genres you'd probably never have thought of blending together - pirate RPG and word puzzle game - and the result is a highly enjoyable game"
"The storyline bounces along nicely ... there's a good degree of flexibility in terms of what you can do"

Girl Gamers Unite
Girl Gamers Unite

"a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure"

"I suggest setting sail to Moonpod's website where you can download your own copy"

"It was my pleasure to serve as part of the crew"

Jay Is Games
Jay Is Games

"a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion"
""If you're hungry for a way to destroy your foes with the crushing power of your vocabulary while sailing around in a fancy hat, Word Pirate will satisfy"
"I really enjoyed Word Pirate...anyone can pick it up"
"mechanics such as the 'pirate words' help to keep you thinking"


"The real-time aspect of Word Pirate really sets it apart from other word combat games of this type, as it feels much faster-paced than similar titles Iíve played."
"Word Pirate brings a lot of nice features to the table"
"the storyline is interesting enough to give you that 'one more turn' feeling"
"there is the spark of a fun and addictive title hiding below"


"I've been trying to hate it now for over five addictive hours straight, but I just can't. Damn you Moonpod - I'm not supposed to like these types of games! "
"I can see a definite appeal to kids here"
"The sounds and music are excellent and add to a feeling of immersion in the world"


" Story is a big plus ... encourages you to play on "


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