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  Word Pirate
Word Pirate
Free Game Download (29 MB) Buy Word Pirate Now ($19.99)

Captain your very own pirate ship on a Caribbean voyage.
Use your word skills while fighting pirates, Arrr! As
runaway pirate, Captain Lucy, you must embark on an
adventure throughout the Caribbean to restore your
father's name. Earn a reputation as a fearsome pirate
with a mighty ship to command. Defeat your enemies and
learn to talk like a pirate, Arrr!

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'I really enjoyed Word Pirate...anyone can pick it up'
Casual Gameplay
'a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion'
'a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure'
Girl Gamers Unite

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Busy round Tortuga Busy round Tortuga
Talk with pirates Talk with pirates
Lucy points the way Lucy points the way
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