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Tactics & Strategy | Buying The Game | How Does it Work?

The demo versions of our products include all of the graphics and code for the full version of the game. These parts are locked away from you until you purchase a ‘license’, which will allow you to access all the features of the full version. The license is just a short sequence of digits, which unlocks the demo so you can play the full version.

When you buy the full version you will be emailed a customer password so you can get into the members area of our website. With an active Internet connection just run the game and click ‘register’, you will then be taken to the member’s area. Once there the game will lock itself to your computer by issuing us a unique ‘challenge’ code, we will then email you a special ‘response’ code. Once this is entered into the game it is unlocked permanently but will only ever work on your computer. Don’t worry if you change your computer in the future you can just re-licence the game for free. The whole process just takes a couple of minutes, this means that you do not need to wait to play the complete version - you just type in the ‘response’ code and you have it there and then!

As the demo and full version of the game use the same files and the full version is locked to your computer, feel free to give a copy of the game to your friends. The game will simply detect it is running on a different computer and fall back into demo mode. Share and enjoy!

We at Moonpod have endeavoured to make this process as simple and painless as possible. We want the minimum of irritation for our paying customers! The system is there to help avoid piracy, and thus to give us the funds to produce more games for you to enjoy.


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Starscape Manual
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Tactics and Strategy
Basic play guide
Your ships
Ship configuration
Other equipment
Grid map
Game modes
R & D
Game Options
Advanced play guide

Managing your ships
Ship configuration
The enemy
Buying the game
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