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Support | Configuration File

You should only change settings in the Starscape.cfg file if you are experiencing problems running the game. If you reach a point where you don't know what to do and you cannot run the game, try deleting the file. The game will run with default settings and, provided everything was ok, will output a new file with the default settings in. If the game does not run with the default settings, please inform us and we can see about fixing any potential problems.

Renderer options
r_safeRenderMethod [yes, no]
Try setting this to true if you see fatal errors during startup. We have seen problems with some drivers and setting this to true usually fixes those problems at the expense of some speed. for a reasonably fast CPU this shouldn't be a problem.

r_ultraSafeRenderMethod [yes, no]
Set this to true in extreme cases. It uses the worst rendering codepath, but should work on just about any card with any dodgy drivers. Along with good compatibility it gives the worst speed. Hopefully you won't need to use it.

r_disableCVA [yes, no]
Setting this to true fixes some compatibility problems we've seen.

r_fullscreen [yes, no]
If set to true the game will run fullscreen. This is recommended unless you are testing any of the settings above.

r_colorbits [16, 32]
Selects the bit depth of the screen used in game. This may be overriden if your desktop is a different bitdepth and the game isn't running fullscreen. Set to 16 for increased speed on old graphics cards.

r_depthbits [16, 32]
This selects the bitdepth of the z buffer used in game. Because of the nature of the game a 16 bit depth buffer is adequate, and you shouldn't need to alter this.

r_hiQualityTextures [yes, no]
This selects 16 or 32 bit textures (true = 32bit). Set to false if you have a graphics card with less on board memory and the game is running slowly.

r_runOnce [yes, no]
The game keeps track of whether it has been run before with this. Simply, it checks the hardware a little more thoroughly if this is set to false (or not present). Set to false or remove this if you get to a situation where the game simply cannot run because of bad settings.

Audio system options
a_disableAudio [yes, no]
Set to true, this disables the audio system.

a_force8bitSamples [yes, no]
Set to true, this option forces the audio system to use 8 bit samples. Using this can mean the game runs faster on slower processors when doing audio mixing in software.

a_outputFrequencyId [0, 1, 2]
Changing this changes the default output frequency of the sound system. 0 is 11KHz, 1 is 22KHz and 2 is 44KHz. The lower the number the better performance will be on slower computers, although in most cases setting it to 1 will give reasonable performance and acceptable output quality.

a_maxSimultaneousSamples [4..64]
This selects how many samples may be mixed simultaneously. the higher the number, the more sounds can be heard at once, at the expense of speed if the mixing is being done in software. The default
of 32 should be adequate in most cases.

a_masterfxvolume [0..9]
This value is from zero to nine with zero being silence and nine being loudest.

a_mastermusicvolume [0..9]
Similar to a_masterfxvolume, except it affects the music volume.


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