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 Moonpod YouTube Channel
YouTube Tuesday, 24th 2007f April 2007, at 3:42 am GMT
Since we made the new Starscape trailer we've had a number from people asking if there was a YouTube link so they could embed it on their own sites/blogs. There's now a Moonpod YouTube Channel, which contains all our videos and we'll make sure it's up to date with anything new we release.

 Calling All Robots: Update Now!
Mr.Robot Tuesday, 24th 2007f April 2007, at 2:43 am GMT
Mr. Robot 1.05 is now available!

This version adds support for unicode user accounts and changes required for some types of system to support user adventures. Now everyone should have access to the user adventure sharing system.

The update also addresses a number of minor issues reported on the forum.
Make sure you have the latest version by clicking the UPDATE button in game.

Complete list of changes

 PC Gameplay Magazine awards Mr. Robot 87%!
Mr.Robot Thursday, 19th 2007f April 2007, at 8:11 am GMT
April's edition of PC Gameplay magazine features a full page review of Mr. Robot and awards the game 87%.

I'd love to give you some nice quotes, but as ever the babelfish translation was a little hit and miss, although this nice comments seemed to come out well:

"...a very strong candidate for Indie game of the year."


 Indiegamepod Podcast Interview With Nick
Moonpod News Monday, 9th 2007f April 2007, at 6:36 am GMT
Indiegamepod has posted a podcast interview with Nick which was recorded just after Mr. Robot was released.
You can listen to it here.

 Mr. Robot 1.02/New User Adventures
Mr.Robot Monday, 2nd 2007f April 2007, at 4:49 am GMT
Mr. Robot 1.02 is now available. This update fixes numerous issues and improves the usability and robustness of the editor. Make sure you have the latest version by clicking the UPDATE button in game.
1.02 also fixes the error with user adventure saves, which means we have re-enabled user adventure downloads. There's currently four adventures you can get from within the game (Click the Update List button from the new games screen). Please make sure you update to version 1.02 first though.

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