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 New version Word Pirate 2.3
Moonpod News Saturday, 13th 2010f March 2010, at 9:09 am GMT
Version 2.3 makes a number of improvements and you can get it by installing the latest demo from here.

Animated port screen with extra loveliness.

Clearer font in combat, I thought it was fine, but you demanded clarity so we delivered.

Real world port location images and descriptive text.

 Word Pirate review on Bytten
Moonpod News Saturday, 13th 2010f March 2010, at 9:05 am GMT
A new review for Word Pirate, this one is from someone who doesn't actually like these type of games, yet he still liked it! Once again we listened, he mentioned the ports all look the same so we've started adding images of the real world locations and descriptive text.

"I've been trying to hate it now for over five addictive hours straight, but I just can't. Damn you Moonpod - I'm not supposed to like these types of games!"

"I can see a definite appeal to kids here"

"The sounds and music are excellent and add to a feeling of immersion in the world"

Check out the full review here

 Word Pirate review on Gamingtrend
Moonpod News Saturday, 13th 2010f March 2010, at 8:53 am GMT
A new review for Word Pirate, he's not convinced by the presentation, but likes the game. We are listening, hence the new version has a much improved port screen and clearer font.

"The real-time aspect of Word Pirate really sets it apart from other word combat games of this type, as it feels much faster-paced than similar titles Iíve played"

"Word Pirate brings a lot of nice features to the table"

"the storyline is interesting enough to give you that 'one more turn' feeling"

"there is the spark of a fun and addictive title hiding below"

Check out the full review here

 Pirate Princess becomes Word Pirate
Moonpod News Saturday, 13th 2010f March 2010, at 8:48 am GMT
It seems some male members of the audience are put off by the name and won't give even give the demo a chance, so we've gone for something less gender inflammatory with 'Word Pirate'.

 Pirate Princess review on Gamer Girls Unite
Moonpod News Monday, 8th 2010f February 2010, at 2:19 am GMT
A new review for Pirate Princess and they like it!

"a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure"

"It was my pleasure to serve as part of the crew"

"I suggest setting sail to Moonpod's website where you can download your own copy"

Check out the full review here

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