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 War Angels
War Angels Thursday, 22nd 2005f September 2005, at 9:01 am GMT
Having previously mentioned we are working together with Hamish McLeod to release his new game project, we are extremely happy to announce that 'War Angels' is currently in development and will be the third Moonpod product to be released (the upcoming 'Mr. Robot' being the second).

Over the next few days we will be posting Hamish's first development diary for the game, and we will be opening a dedicated discussion forum with an introduction to the game so you will be able to post any questions about the project.

War Angels is scheduled for release hopefully sometime mid 2006.

 Strafing Run! Reviews Starscape.
Starscape Wednesday, 24th 2005f August 2005, at 10:13 am GMT
Strafing Run is a new website set up at the end of June as part of GiantRoBeast.com. Their goal is to become 'a haven for classical shmups on the PC', and they already appear to be well on their way with reviews of some great games and a high score competition.
One of their first reviews is for Starscape:

"Speaking of the enemies, their ships range in size from relatively small to literally screen-filling"

"...when the most powerful ship is built and fitted with the best weaponry and parts the game has to offer, the player is sure to be pleased with the amount of havoc that can be wreaked. And considering the size of the game world, that's a lot of havoc."

"...Moonpod has done an admiral job with Starscape."

"Starscape comes highly recommended."

Read the full review, or join in the discussion at the Strafing Run! section of the GiantRoBeast forums.

 New server teething troubles
Moonpod News Sunday, 21st 2005f August 2005, at 6:02 pm GMT
Our new server had a few teething troubles, but is stable now.

Hopefully nobody was affected, but please remember you can mail us at support@moonpod.com if you have any problems at all.

 Site Return
Moonpod News Friday, 19th 2005f August 2005, at 4:41 am GMT
The webserver has now been moved back, and other than forum autologin not working until dns updates properly over the next 24 hours, everything is working as usual.

 Temporary Site Move #2
Moonpod News Thursday, 11th 2005f August 2005, at 3:23 pm GMT
Due to further network level outages and maintenance work on the 13th of August, moonpod.com has been temporarily relocated this will not affect anyone, and the server will be available as always this weekend.

Note: forum autologin may not work until dns updates globally over the next 12 hours, although you will still be able to login and use the board normally.

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