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 PCZONE Magazine Reviews Starscape
Starscape Friday, 11th 2005f November 2005, at 5:22 am GMT
PCZone magazine's 'indiezone section features a Starscape review in its christmas edition out today.

'A space-based blaster with a difference..'

'novel strategic elements and great blasting sections'

'Starscape's later battles are immense'

'Starscape is definitely worth a look'

Other games features in the indie zone section are: Lugaru: The rabbit's foot, Hyperspace Invader, B.I.R.D and there's also an interview with Tim Fisher of Indiepath ltd.

 Server running steady
Moonpod News Tuesday, 1st 2005f November 2005, at 6:00 am GMT
It seems the storm has passed, our worries about the server going down were unfounded and now everything seems back to normal. Business as usual :)

 Server outages related to Hurricane
Moonpod News Monday, 31st 2005f October 2005, at 6:28 am GMT
Our servers are hosted in miami and are suffering some technical problems related to the storms. The site may be a little unpredictable for a few days. So if anyone experiences any problems then we are sorry. We are here and we are listening and we will do whatever we can to help our players.

 Forum Angels
War Angels Wednesday, 5th 2005f October 2005, at 6:32 am GMT
We've opened a dedicated section on the forum for discussion of War Angels. Hamish has also written up a little introduction in the forum to the game for those new to it.

This nicely coincides with Hamish' Birthday! Happy Birthday Hamish

Join in the discussion here.

 Rebell Starscape Review
Starscape Tuesday, 4th 2005f October 2005, at 5:52 am GMT
Austrian online gaming magazine rebell.at has just posted up a new Starscape review. Since the review is in German, rebell.at's editor, Bertold Schauer has kindly translated some highlights for us:

"Starscape is more fun to play than 90% of the releases from the big publishers like Ubi, EA, Atari etc."

"Its only fault is that you can't find it in the shelves of some supermarket - it's an online-only buy. Moonpod and lots of other smaller online publishers make games which are a lot of fun to play and in especially this case highly competitive."

"You should really consider buying Starscape - why buy games which start rotting in your shelves after five days? Get a game that's a bit more than that!"

The review finishes off by granting starscape the rebell.at award of excellence.

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