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 Pirate Princess released!
Moonpod News Wednesday, 18th 2009f November 2009, at 4:24 am GMT
Pirate Princess is now available to the public! After a lot of hard work by the beta testers the game is finally ready. Thankyou everyone, and now I'm going to go and celebrate :)

 Pirate Princess about to surface from the depths of beta
Moonpod News Thursday, 12th 2009f November 2009, at 6:50 am GMT
The Pirate Princess beta is (hopefully) drawing to a close. The latest version is stable and final testing is underway. The game should launch to the public very soon and the Moonpod crew are excited to be making a new game release.

 Pirate Princess trapped deep in beta hell :)
Moonpod News Tuesday, 3rd 2009f November 2009, at 6:18 am GMT
Pirate Princess beta testing continues and we've just made a big update based on beta tester feedback. It's always scary, but essential to get the game into the hands of the public so we can get a reality check on all those assumptions that we made along the way. It isn't just about bugs, it's also about game play balance, pace, difficulty and a host of other factors that make a game fun.

It's not too late to help beta test the game, if you've tested one of our games before or just bought a game in the past then we'd value your help. Sign up on the forum and then join the "Pirate Princess Beta" group if you would like to help.

 Pirate Princess enters beta
Moonpod News Thursday, 22nd 2009f October 2009, at 2:49 am GMT
The new game "Pirate Princess" is now being tested prior to launch so everyone is very excited. It's a word game for a more casual audience, a bit like Boggle, but wrapped in a Pirate themed high seas adventure set in the Caribbean. There are sailing ships to buy, pirate skills to learn, a great story and the whole of the West Indies to explore.

We're putting together a small group of beta testers who don't mind installing drivers, new versions, suffering crashes and writing bug reports. Sign up on the forum and then join the "Pirate Princess Beta" group if you would like to help. Invitation only and space is limited i'm afraid.

 Vote Moonpod!
Moonpod News Friday, 8th 2008f August 2008, at 7:47 am GMT
Mr Robot and Starscape are both available to vote for in the PC Gamer Top 100 video games poll. You get to pick your own top 10 and submit it. Mr. Robot is under the 'Adventure' category and Starscape is under the 'Arcade' category. We stuck some of our favourites like Elite, Speedball 2, Stalker and Monkey Island on there as well!

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