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Moonpod News Moonpod News RSS feed -RSS Feed

 Developer Diary RSS feed available
RSS Now Available Friday, 7th 2005f January 2005, at 9:31 pm GMT
Happy New Year everyone!
Now you can be informed the minute we make a new developer diary available, via our developer diary RSS feed.
RSS users can get the feed here or from the XML link at the top any of the diary entries.

If you are new to RSS you can find out more (including where to get free RSS readers) from our RSS help page.

On a related note: December's dev diary is ready to go, we have just been getting stuck into Mr. Robot work and haven't had the time to give it a final proof read We'll get it posted up as soon as we can.

 Mr. Robot
Mr.Robot Friday, 5th 2004f November 2004, at 5:13 am GMT
Having previously leaked some details and concept images to our forum about the project we are working on. We are now happy to announce that 'Mr. Robot' will be the next game we release. Hopefully sometime early in 2005.

We've opened a dedicated section on the forum for Mr. Robot discussion, and you will still be able to get an exclusive look behind the scenes at Mr. Robot's development by keeping an eye out for our developer diary updates.

This project will (deliberately) push back work on Battlescape by approximately 6 months. Although we will still be working on some aspects of the the game, and the intention is that some of Mr. Robot's development will add features to the codebase required for both games.

Check out the new Mr. Robot forum and post any questions here.

 Retroblast.com Reviews Starscape
Starscape Wednesday, 13th 2004f October 2004, at 7:47 am GMT
Arcade news and reviews site Retroblast has put up a review of Starscape
Another detailed review which also includes a few low resolution videos of the game.

' As you progress throughout this alien realm, the visuals become quite stunning'
'The larger enemy craft possess frighteningly devastating and unpredictable weapons that blast, spray, and discharge vile death at every turn.'
Starscape is a tremendous achievement that truly serves to illustrate the awesome combined talent and experience of the folks at Moonpod.

Read the full review

 New Starscape Review over at Shmups.com
Starscape Friday, 8th 2004f October 2004, at 7:23 am GMT
Shmups.com (The Shoot-Em-Up Information Site) has posted a review of Starscape

Seems like the reviewer liked it as he gave it 9/10!
The review nicely highlights some points about Starscape that arre probably key to whether it will appeal to someone, and makes a guess what sort of gamer would enjoy it - a great idea.

Shmups.com Starscape Review
Shmups website
Shmups Forum (A fantastic place to get news and information about Shoot-Em-Up games)

 Starscape Minor Update #2
Starscape News Friday, 27th 2004f August 2004, at 11:59 am GMT
Starscape has been updated to version 1.5c.
This is a small update to fix save loading issues reported two days ago by some users of WindowsME.
As before, there is no need to upgrade if you have not experienced any problems.
Full installs, and also a small 1.5 -1.5c patch are available from the customer panel as usual.

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