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 Moonpod Now Official Nintendo DS Developers.
Nintendo DS Monday, 1st 2005f August 2005, at 12:18 pm GMT
Moonpod has passed Nintendo DS developer certification.
This means we now have access to all the developer documentation and resources that Nintendo have available, and most importantly means we can obtain DS devkits.

Whilst we don't expect to be making any DS project announcements in the coming months, this has given us a great opportunity to investigate some new possibilities for Moonpod and we fully intend to look into any options that may be available to us.

 Shoot The Core! at Moonpod.
Shoot The Core At Moonpod Thursday, 21st 2005f July 2005, at 9:52 pm GMT
We are really happy to give a new home to Shoot The Core, one of our favourite websites.

Shoot The Core, is a haven for lovers of PC 'shmups' - short for shoot-'em ups. Not first person shoot-'em ups, the proper kind where your tiny spaceship takes on a hoarde of aliens bent on Earth's destruction (usually). Lovingly maintained by Roger 'the postman' Post, our favourite feature is the PC shmups database - the most comprehensive listing of PC shoot-em-ups ever compiled. You can also join the forum if you would like to chat with other PC shmup fans and help support Roger in his grand undertaking.

 Temporary Site Relocation - Finished
Moonpod News Monday, 4th 2005f July 2005, at 8:40 am GMT
The webserver has now been moved back, and other than forum autologin not working until dns updates properly over the next 24 hours, everything is working as usual.

 Temporary Site Move
Moonpod News Thursday, 30th 2005f June 2005, at 3:51 pm GMT
In anticipation of major network level outages and maintenance work on the 2nd of July, we have just moved the site over to another server temporarily. Other than a 15 minute downtime for the purchase page to prevent any order mismatches (now complete), this will not affect anyone, and the server will be available as always this weekend.

Note: forum autologin may not work until dns updates globally over the next 12 hours, although you will still be able to login and use the board normally.

 Starscape Inducted into HOTU Hall Of Fame
Starscape HOTU Wednesday, 1st 2005f June 2005, at 5:52 am GMT
Starscape Has been inducted into
the Home of the Underdogs Hall of Fame

According to HOTU:
"Games on this page are those that we believe are the creme de la creme, the Top Dogs of Top Dogs, games that truly transcend the normal boundaries of their genres, and turn non-believers into helpless addicts. In short, your gaming experience won't be complete if you have never tried these games."

They also have a review up. Here's some quotes from the review:

"this is one of the best - and most innovative - games of its kind ever made."

"The battles are incredibly fun, and the management of research and development opens the door to intriguing tactical choices."

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