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 Starscape review unearthed
Starscape News Thursday, 4th 2010f February 2010, at 1:39 am GMT
I completely missed this old Starsacpe review, but for some reason Google just spotted it and told me all about it. The site 'Dark Zero' who loved MrRobot and gave it 9/10 also like Starscape with an 8/10 score. Yay!

'Starscape is an absolute beauty that gets its claws into you, and utterly refuses to let go'

'The constant promise of new stuff to research makes an already decent game fiendishly addictive'

'Starscape is so bloody addictive – you genuinely won’t mind spending ages mining materials from asteroids, because you know you’ll get a new power generator that’s smaller than the last and produces more power so now you can afford to fit your ship with two new ion cannons and you’ll have room for more cargo and missile bays and a new shield and… well, you get the idea.'

Read it all here

 Pirate Princess 2.2 released
Moonpod News Wednesday, 27th 2010f January 2010, at 9:27 am GMT
A new version of Pirate Princess has been released! Version 2.2 has some usability fixes to the main combat screen some graphical improvements and bug fixes.

Get the demo here

 Pirate Princess review on jayisgames
Moonpod News Monday, 4th 2010f January 2010, at 1:22 am GMT
Just noticed a review of Pirate Princess on jayisgames, check it out here - they liked it!

"I really enjoyed Pirate Princess"

"a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion"

"mechanics such as the 'pirate words' help to keep you thinking"

"If you're hungry for a way to destroy your foes with the crushing power of your vocabulary while sailing around in a fancy hat, Pirate Princess will satisfy."

 Pirate Princess 2.1 released
Moonpod News Saturday, 12th 2009f December 2009, at 4:56 am GMT
A new version of Pirate Princess is available! Version 2.1 has a few bug fixes, a new even easier difficulty mode and some graphical improvements. Download now and enjoy :)

 New MrRobot review
Mr.Robot Friday, 4th 2009f December 2009, at 3:07 am GMT
Just noticed a new MrRobot review over at CasualReview.

"Overall, the game looks really good"
"Also, the writing is pretty good. That’s one thing that an RPG has to do well, and they did. "
"Moonpod clearly spent a lot of time, energy, and love on this game, and it really shows."

9/10 - woo! :)

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