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 Moonpod Developer Q&A on Game Tunnel
Mr.Robot Sunday, 15th 2006f October 2006, at 3:02 am GMT
GameTunnel has published a recent interview with Moonpod. Concentrating on the development of Mr. Robot, the Q&A details the design decisions made during development and the current status of the project.

Check out the interview here

 Moonpod Sponsors Text Mode Demo Competition
Text Mode Demo Competition Monday, 9th 2006f October 2006, at 4:47 am GMT
We are happy to announce that Moonpod is sponsoring TMDC9; the ninth annual text mode demo competition.

TMDC is a pseudo-annual demo-coding contest held over the internet and this year's event will be held from 11.11.06 to 12.12.06.

More information is available at the TMDC website.

 Starscape CD-ROM 2nd Edition Now In Stock!
Starscape-2nd-Edition Friday, 22nd 2006f September 2006, at 4:06 am GMT
Starscape CD-ROM 2nd edition, featuring the latest version of Starscape and all new cover and disc art is now in stock, and you can get it here. The upgrade option for customers who purchased the download only version is also re-enabled from the customer panel.

Apologies for the delay in restocking this time round - we really had been un-prepared for the demand, but we are now heavily stocked up and will be a keeping a much closer eye on sales in the future!

 Mr. Robot Preview In GameTunnel Magazine!
Mr.Robot Thursday, 31st 2006f August 2006, at 9:10 am GMT
Issue #1 of 'Game Tunnel Magazine' on page 13 features a preview of Mr. Robot.
If you are new to indie games, then the magazine serves as a perfect introduction to the scene. What's more, issue 1 is available for free as a downloadable ezine.

So what are you waiting for?

 New Starscape Review
Starscape Saturday, 24th 2006f June 2006, at 4:11 pm GMT
At least, it's new to us!
We must have missed this great review over at GameShark the first time round:

"...some truly amazing special effects..."

"Beam and energy weapons in general just look dead sexy..."

"diving into a huge flotilla of enemy ships and dispensing a trio of Nova Bombs looks awesome"

"Id say the developers did a pretty awesome job all around"

"great artistic style, addictive gameplay, huge multitude of tools and weapons to research and produce, and easy-to-access gameplay that will still manage to appeal to just about any gamer..."

Read the full review here

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