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 Interview with Nick
Moonpod News Wednesday, 11th 2007f July 2007, at 9:45 am GMT
Max Geiger (yes, that Max Geiger!) spoke to Nick a while back as part of the game design course he is doing at the USC. He's now posted the full interview online. Note that this interview was conducted a few months back, so contains phrases such as:
"I think our next release 'may' (I hate to jinx it, because development has been really tough) be War Angels."


 Mr. Robot kicks Halo 2's ***
Mr.Robot Thursday, 28th 2007f June 2007, at 4:42 pm GMT
Halo 2: marketing budget of $10 million plus, 65+ team (programmers and artists designers and producers).
Mr. Robot:marketing budget of as much change as we can fit in a coffee jar, 1 artist, 1 programmer, 1 dog.

New, lovely, lovely, Mr. Robot review in Windows XP Made Easy magazine (Issue 115). Mr. Robot scores 9/10 and I could quote any line of the review here - it's all good. Most amusing thing about the review however was we are alongside Halo 2, which only scores 5!

Maybe it's the dog that makes all the difference...

Some quotes:

"Mr. Robot has more charm in a single screen than 20 big name releases"

"What's immediately striking is the beatuiful artwork and design"

"easily one of the most attractive looking games we've seen for some time"

"spend a little time with Asimov and Mr. Robot reveals hidden depths"

"the puzzle, platform and rpg elements complement each other perfectly"

"the robotic cast shines thanks to a witty script"

 Dark Zero on Starscape
Starscape Monday, 11th 2007f June 2007, at 3:31 am GMT
A new Starscape review over at Dark Zero. The best bits:

"A game so addictive it’ll have you resenting yourself for having to do things like ‘eat’ and ‘go for a wee,' occasionally."

"Starscape is such a stupidly fun and worryingly addictive videogame"

"Starscape is an absolute beauty that gets its claws into you, and utterly refuses to let go"

Read the full review here.

 Robots in Norway!
Mr.Robot Wednesday, 6th 2007f June 2007, at 4:55 am GMT
New Mr Robot review up over at gamer.no.
I'd love to post some quotes, but sadly my Norwegian is lacking. I'm assured it's a good review however, and the game scored 8/10!

You can check it out here

 Mr Robot in Indie Game Developer's Showcase
Mr.Robot Tuesday, 22nd 2007f May 2007, at 7:53 am GMT

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