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 Word Pirate
Word Pirate Logo
'a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion' jayisgames
'I really enjoyed Word
Pirate...anyone can pick it up'
casual gameplay
'a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure' Girel Gamers Unite
Free Game Download (40 MB) Buy Word Pirate Now ($19.95)
Word Pirate Game Info

 Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Logo
'the most enjoyable independent game I've played since Defcon!'
'Brought me more pleasure than almost any game of the last year'
PC Format
'An absolute gem'
PC Format
'Without a doubt, this is the best indie game I’ve ever played...'
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Mr. Robot Now ($24.95)
Mr. Robot Game Info

Starscape Logo
'It may consume you,
I'm just giving you fair warning'
-Penny Arcade
'If EVE Online is a space opera,
this is the comicbook adaptation '
'I only had enough speech
capacity to say: WOW!'
-GameTunnel Game Of The Year
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)
Starscape Game Info

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 Starscape New Edition available
Starscape News Tuesday, 29th 2004f June 2004, at 10:59 pm GMT
Starscape 1.5 is now available, Get it while it's hot!. Existing users can get the new installer from the customer panel

Or the new demo is available to all here.

This is one of the biggest updates that Starscape has ever had; here's a brief overview of some of the new features and changes
  • Compatibility with the new online high score system (At long last, this will support Survival Mode, and will change on a monthly basis. Look out for the new score table going online sometime within the next couple of days - that's a promise!)
  • Major overhaul of Bosses 1, 2 and 5. They are even more fun now, and are also quite a bit tougher; so should be a bit more of a challenge - We hope you are up to it
  • Warp map icons and the in game Aegis status icons have all been updated to be more logical and easier on the eye.
  • Survival unlimited has been playtested extensively, and numerous tweaks have been introduced to perfect gameplay.
  • Lots of fixes for minor annoyances/glitches/things that might leave you feel cheated (Yes - the Aegis crew have had intensive training from Bud Weisman, and should be far more accurate with those laser turrets now!)
  • Gameplay balancing tweaks based on extensive forum feedback (thanks everyone!)
  • Yet more special effects (we always like to add a little eye candy. Hopefully the new Aegis explosion should be a consolation for losing your crew!)
  • Even more compatibility code for problem pads (Starscape has been tested in house with more than fifty common game controllers under all operating systems)

...and lots, lots more: check out the forum announcement for a detailed list of all new features in Starscape 1.5

 Secret Gallery Phase II Complete!
Moonpod News Friday, 14th 2004f May 2004, at 1:03 am GMT
The secret gallery has been updated with some new free downloadable goodies for our customers. A new menu system is in place which should allow things to be added more easily in the future. At least one item has been added to each of the categories except the 'endzone' section - as with everything we do, there's loads more to come as and when we can make it ready.

Complete list of updates:
  • StarWarrior Alpha - A look back to our very first test build of 'Star Warrior' (the game that later became Starscape). For anyone interested in the evolution of Starscape's development, or game development in general.
  • Wallpapers- Rin and JJ hand-shaded abstract backrops.
  • Concept Art - Maya, Rin, Xenarch, storyboard frame 1, and initial ship concept.
  • Trailers - specials, flash, banners, towers. Not the most exciting addition, but we got so many requests from people who wanted to see the custom art, so we dug it up!

log in to the customer panel to grab everything!

 New Starscape Review
All Out Games Thursday, 15th 2004f April 2004, at 9:59 am GMT
To accompany its interview with Mark, All Out Games has now posted a review of Starscape. We think this is one of the most well rounded and in depth reviews yet:

"Easy controls and simple mechanics give way to tactical decisions, skill-rewarding action, and absolutely gorgeous 2D graphics, making this a game with a little something for everyone. "

"Starscape's beautiful skirmishes fought in deep space feature all the eye candy you could hope for and then some."

"This is one made for fans of shooters, and it does what it does extremely well."

"Beautiful graphics, fun story, lots of things to build and upgrade, lots of great bosses..."

If you're a fan of shooters and you have a PC, break out your credit card now.

Well, we certainly hope the last one is true

Check out the full review here.

 All Out Games Interview
All Out Games Wednesday, 7th 2004f April 2004, at 10:38 am GMT
All Out Games has an interview with Moonpod's very own Mark Featherstone.

Check it out here

 Starscape - One Year Old Today!
Starscape Birthday Wednesday, 24th 2004f March 2004, at 8:51 pm GMT
It has been exactly one year today since Starscape was released. In that time reviews have far surpassed our expectations, it has won Gametunnel's Game of the Year award, had over ten updates, and is still as popular as ever. In fact we could not have wished for a warmer reception!

We'd like to thank everyone who bought and loved Starscape, who mailed in with ideas and encouragement, and volunteered their thoughts and opinions on our forum. We have been overwhelmed by your continuing support, and you have helped to make Moonpod the company it is and to shape our future projects.

-Happy Birthday Starscape!

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