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 Word Pirate
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'a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion' jayisgames
'I really enjoyed Word
Pirate...anyone can pick it up'
casual gameplay
'a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure' Girel Gamers Unite
Free Game Download (40 MB) Buy Word Pirate Now ($19.95)
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 Mr. Robot
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'the most enjoyable independent game I've played since Defcon!'
'Brought me more pleasure than almost any game of the last year'
PC Format
'An absolute gem'
PC Format
'Without a doubt, this is the best indie game I’ve ever played...'
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Mr. Robot Now ($24.95)
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Starscape Logo
'It may consume you,
I'm just giving you fair warning'
-Penny Arcade
'If EVE Online is a space opera,
this is the comicbook adaptation '
'I only had enough speech
capacity to say: WOW!'
-GameTunnel Game Of The Year
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)
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 Gametunnel's Game Of The Month Is Mr. Robot!
Mr Robot GameTunnel Awards Monday, 26th 2007f February 2007, at 3:00 am GMT
In Gametunnel's February roundup of recent independent and downloadable game releases, Mr. Robot steals the top spot. Scoring an average of 9/10 by the four-strong review panel and netting one of the rare (the last one was awarded in May 2006!) Editor's choice awards.

Link To Article

 Cinemablend's Final Verdict On Mr. Robot
Mr.Robot Saturday, 24th 2007f February 2007, at 3:56 pm GMT
Cinemablend now have their final review posted for Mr. Robot.
A few highlights:

"Mr. Robot has everything old-school gamers used to love about adventure gaming"

"gives gamers a well-paced isometric gameplay experience that incorporates puzzle-platforming and adventure exploration seamlessly"

"Itís definitely a breath of fresh polygonal air, because Iíve grown horribly tired of that cheap plasticity look that too many ďnext-genĒ games have adopted to"

"I definitely canít recommend this game enough"

 Indie SuperStarscape!
Starscape Saturday, 24th 2007f February 2007, at 3:46 pm GMT
Kicking off the first episode of the ever-excellent Indie Superstar's season 2 is some footage of Starscape in action!

Indie Superstar is a web-based videocast bringing you video game news you won't hear about in mainstream media.

 Mr. Robot: A PC Format 2007 Game Awards Winner!
PCFORMAT AWARD Thursday, 22nd 2007f February 2007, at 8:02 am GMT
The March edition of PC Format also contains the 'PCFORMAT GAMES AWARDS 2007', and Mr. Robot wins the prize for 'Best Ending'! The article mentions that Mr. Robot ran a close second for Indie Game Of The Year (Introversion's excellent Defcon managed to win that title). Apparently, the little story told about an 'obscure 21st century computer game' was partly what helped win the award - so that means that all the beta testers featured in the story are award winners too!

PS: In case you hadn't noticed, we are having a good day :)

 PC Format Raves About Mr. Robot!
Mr.Robot Thursday, 22nd 2007f February 2007, at 7:52 am GMT
Wow! Just when you think things can't get any better - the March edition of PC Format has just landed and awards Mr. Robot 87% !!. They also had some pretty nice things to say about the game:

"Brought me more pleasure than almost any game of the last year"

"Just when you're not expecting it, along comes the first great game of 2007"

"I've been playing it so hard, my brainballs hurt"

"...the cutest characters ever"

"it's terribly clever, and will have you grinning and marvelling at the consistent level of inventiveness on show"

"More fun than a basket of kittens..."

"Makes us feel all warm on the inside"

"It's just a joy. Go and Buy it, and give it a little hug."

We love PC Format :)

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