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 Word Pirate
Word Pirate Logo
'a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion' jayisgames
'I really enjoyed Word
Pirate...anyone can pick it up'
casual gameplay
'a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure' Girel Gamers Unite
Free Game Download (40 MB) Buy Word Pirate Now ($19.95)
Word Pirate Game Info

 Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Logo
'the most enjoyable independent game I've played since Defcon!'
'Brought me more pleasure than almost any game of the last year'
PC Format
'An absolute gem'
PC Format
'Without a doubt, this is the best indie game I’ve ever played...'
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Mr. Robot Now ($24.95)
Mr. Robot Game Info

Starscape Logo
'It may consume you,
I'm just giving you fair warning'
-Penny Arcade
'If EVE Online is a space opera,
this is the comicbook adaptation '
'I only had enough speech
capacity to say: WOW!'
-GameTunnel Game Of The Year
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)
Starscape Game Info

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 Revenge of the Titans
Moonpod News Monday, 2nd 2010f August 2010, at 9:40 am GMT
Check out this new game Revenge of the Titans from our good friends over at puppy games. There's a free demo and it's the coolest pixely looking real time strategy I've played in a while. As it's still in beta you can get it cheap if you're quick, took me about 4 hours to play through the current build. Great stuff!

'All in all it's looking like a mighty fine RTS romp!' -

'It looks proper brilliant..." - Rock Paper Shotgun

 Word Pirate review on CaptainD
Moonpod News Monday, 26th 2010f July 2010, at 2:57 am GMT
There is a new review of Word Pirate on CaptainD's Gaming Blog to check out.

'takes two genres you'd probably never have thought of blending together - pirate RPG and word puzzle game - and the result is a highly enjoyable game'

'The storyline bounces along nicely ... there's a good degree of flexibility in terms of what you can do'

'the storyline / RPG element made it a good deal more interesting to keep playing than a lot of similar games'

 Starscape review on
Starscape News Wednesday, 16th 2010f June 2010, at 3:42 am GMT
Here is a new Starscape review on, check it out here

'Starscape is a very interesting game from an interesting developer. Frankly, I love Moonpod games. '

'you will not stop playing'

'an epic, space shooter adventure RPG hybrid...thingy.'

 Word Pirate review on Gamezebo
Moonpod News Wednesday, 16th 2010f June 2010, at 1:51 am GMT
A great new review for Word Pirate over at Gamezebo, check it out here

'Unique and fun twist on a classic word game; good music; easy to pick up and play; lots of missions keep the game interesting; captivating story.'

'one of the most refreshing and unique takes on word puzzle gameplay'

'Word Pirate is an excellent choice for anyone who likes word puzzle games and also has a soft spot in their hearts for swashbuckling adventure'

 Word Pirate review on
Moonpod News Monday, 7th 2010f June 2010, at 12:36 am GMT
A great new review of WordPirate over on IndieReview where they gave it 8/10.

'The game works so well because, like the comparable game Puzzle Quest, it takes a strong, central game mechanic and wraps it in a fun setting, involving story, and injects it with the character progression of a role-playing game.'

'shows the workmanship put into the game and sends it soaring above your expectations. Play this game now.'

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