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 Word Pirate
Word Pirate Logo
'a genuinely interesting story that drives you to want to see its completion' jayisgames
'I really enjoyed Word
Pirate...anyone can pick it up'
casual gameplay
'a marvelous and exciting puzzle adventure' Girel Gamers Unite
Free Game Download (40 MB) Buy Word Pirate Now ($19.95)
Word Pirate Game Info

 Mr. Robot
Mr. Robot Logo
'the most enjoyable independent game I've played since Defcon!'
'Brought me more pleasure than almost any game of the last year'
PC Format
'An absolute gem'
PC Format
'Without a doubt, this is the best indie game I’ve ever played...'
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Mr. Robot Now ($24.95)
Mr. Robot Game Info

Starscape Logo
'It may consume you,
I'm just giving you fair warning'
-Penny Arcade
'If EVE Online is a space opera,
this is the comicbook adaptation '
'I only had enough speech
capacity to say: WOW!'
-GameTunnel Game Of The Year
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)
Starscape Game Info

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 Starscape Minor Update
Starscape News Tuesday, 17th 2004f August 2004, at 3:32 pm GMT
Starscape has been updated to version 1.5b. This update contains minor compatibility changes for users with Roaming profiles, and users with a My Documents folder redirected to a network drive.
There is no need to upgrade if you have not experienced any problems.
Full installs, and also a small 1.5 -1.5b patch are available from the customer panel as usual.

Starscape 1.5 has also had a full compatibility test with Windows XP Service Pack 2, and has not exhibited any of the issues some other games are reporting.

 Arcade Locator Project
Arcade Locator Project Thursday, 12th 2004f August 2004, at 11:31 am GMT
We've just launched an online database for finding arcade machines. There's only a couple of entries so far, but we are hoping the list will grow and become a useful resource.
If you know of any cool or rare arcade machines in your local area, please help us out by contributing to the project.

More information can be found at the arcade locator project home

 Starscape Voted Number 1 Indie Game!
Freelance Games Champion Thursday, 29th 2004f July 2004, at 4:14 pm GMT
Starscape has been voted Number 1 Indie game at, just beating one of our favourite games: Crimsonland, into second place (Worth checking out if you haven't already). There's lots of other great games maing their way into the top ten (We are hoping Gish does well, because we loved it's originality) so we are sure there will be another challenge to the crown before long.

We feel especially honoured because all games are voted for by the public. Special thanks to everybody who voted for us; you can download the latest demo of Starscape here if you haven't already.

 New High Score Table
Starscape Highscores Friday, 2nd 2004f July 2004, at 10:41 am GMT
High score table version 2 is now available here.

New features include:
  • Top 400 players now accessible.
  • Full survival mode score codes now accepted.
  • Demo (5 minute mode) survival score codes can be uploaded.
  • Survival tables will now update each month.

Full survival mode scores can be uploaded from the customer panel.

Demo users can also record their high scores from the highscore table. This feature is available to everyone - so download the demo and record your score for posterity!

 Extended High Quality Music Pack
Starscape Music Wednesday, 30th 2004f June 2004, at 12:17 pm GMT
An extended high-quality music pack for Starscape is now available to download from the customer panel.

This updates the in game music to be full length tracks, which are also stored at a far higher quality than has previously been available.

This update requires Starscape 1.5 to be installed, and is not required for the CD-ROM version.

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