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Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)
13.5 Meg download $24.95

The space station Aegis is on a secret mission to test the newly developed, faster than light, dimension drive. Once clear of the solar system the experiment can begin, if successful it could usher in a new era, finally enabling mankind to journey out to the stars.

The Archnid Queen When the drive appears to malfunction, the station and itís escort are all sucked into another dimension. Dazed and disorientated you are attacked and boarded by hostile alien creatures. Most of the crew are killed or captured and the drive is taken.

Maya Rendon, head of engineering With no way out and only a skeleton crew you must defend the Aegis as she tries to rebuild, rearm and recover the dimension drive. Man the guns on a fantastic journey into another dimension. It's no longer enough to be an ace fighter pilot, now you'll need brains as well as reflexes to get back to Earth.

the Xenarch, mysterious robotic lifeforms of the wrap You'll need to rebuild the Aegis as a battle station to stand a chance of surviving in the grid dimension. With the help of the mysterious Xenarch you'll be able to create a new squadron of customised fighters with amazing technology and devastating fire power. Get ready for the ride of your life, before this adventure is over you'll hold the fate of the universe in your hands!

Rin Fubuki, Captain of The Aegis Not everyone in this dimension is hostile, but they all want something and itís up to you to decide who to trust. You're about to be thrown into the middle of a galaxy spanning war that has raged for millenia. Itís no longer a case of life and death, failure here could mean the end of mankind . . . . . . the end of everything.



Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)
Free Game Download (12 MB) Buy Starscape Now ($24.95)

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System Requirements
Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP
DirectX 5.0 or better
Min 16MB graphics accelerator
Pentium 300mhz or better
120 MB hard drive space

"It may consume you, I'm just giving you fair warning"
-Penny Arcade

"If EVE Online is a space opera, this is the comicbook adaptation"

"3D effects you would expect from a top of the line space sim"

"This brings me to the gameplay, one word: Fantastic!"
-Games Xtreme

"Starscape is simply stunning and excelling"
-Gaming Invasion

"the best looking 2D shoot-em-up that I have seen"
-New Straits Times

"some of the most epic space battle sequences I have ever played."
-The Adrenaline Vault

"I only had enough speech capacity to say: WOW!"