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Starscape Post-Mortem | Introduction
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The first playable version of Starscape was originally called 'Star Warrior'.
It featured animated sprites, collision detection and a rudimentary particles system
- there was still much to do!


Development platforms
win2k, OSX, AMDAthlon1700, 512MB, Linux web servers, GeForce4, ATIRadion, MatroxG400 and voodoo3 (yes it does work on one).

Notable technologies
VisualC++, Wings3D editor, MySQL, Php, CVS, OpenGL, DirectX9, SDL, OggVorbis, Visio

2 programmers, 1 artist and 1 lead tester all full time. 1 web developer and 1 musician all external.

Starscape: hardware accelerated space shooter RPG with extended plot, resource gathering and space ship customisation. Runs on windows for PC and OSX for Mac (Mac version currently in alpha). Estimated cost 50,000.

8 month development, 100,000 lines of code, PC version released 25thApril 2003.


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