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n change so many people. "W
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:13 am    Post subject: n change so many people. "W Reply with quote

hrough the glass, the girl is dancing with pale and slender hands Marlboro Cigarettes. The elegant melody of "Moonlight Sonata" flows from her fingertips, adding more sadness and sorrow than the original song. Ru hated the piano, it hurt her sister and lost her life. She has already decided that this will be her last time playing the piano, she will use her sister's favorite "Moonlight Sonata" to pay homage to her sister's soul. When the last tone was terminated, her eyes opened, and the dark brown enamel reflected the neat black and white keys. The lycra spectrum has already been blown to another song by the wind. At this time, will Ru, still care about this? Fluent in the rhythm of the heart, as if my sister is still in front, listening to her play, or playing with a violin. Ru��s sister, ��, has been recognized as the ��violin princess��. Out of a family of music, Ru and He studied music at an early age. Talent and diligence created two new stars in the music world. But I did not expect that he died in the hands of music a month ago, and he was invited to attend a birthday of a socialite. At the banquet, when the father went out, the father of a new piano was ordered by the new piano. The workers were busy with the piano, and he was enjoying the piano in the vicinity. Unexpectedly, a worker��s foot slipped and his hand was loose mokingusacigarettes.com. I was crushed to death in a flash and I was broken. Ru was so eager to marry this piano! Fame, talent, money... As long as you can change your sister's life, how can you! But everything is too late. She still feels that her sister's death is too embarrassing, and there is always a heavy sense of guilt in her heart. She wakes up: I want to use this piano's destruction to pay homage to my sister! The last sound of the piano saved the girl's reason. I am so stupid. She burst into laughter. "If my sister is there, it is impossible for me to ruin the piano." Too naive, ruining the piano, can change the facts? No. Instead of this, it seems that it is better to stand alone outside the wooden door of the white paint. Ru can feel the heart of every listener. She never felt scared. She liked someone to listen to her playing the piano and prefer someone to indulge in it. Ru naively thought: Does the person outside the door feel my feelings for my sister? At the end of the song Parliament Cigarettes, she opened the door with joy and joy, even "wind! You, why are you here?" Ru looked at the slender young boy in front of her eyes, and she was glad to return her playmates. Still frustrated, the audience is the one she is most familiar with. The face seems to be thinner than ever, pale like a patient who has just been discharged. He is like the wind, just like the face and the gentle look. Is he wind? Ru can't help but doubt it. "Ru, do you still know me? I am joking with Auntie and say that I am coming back from Austria. You must not recognize me." The face of the wind seems to be ruddy, but the boy who loves to tell jokes and full of spirits even has shadows. Can't find it. In three years, I can change so many people. "Wind..." The lavender bush outside the window leaps over the true aroma of several bees, and I am afraid that Ru is not felt.
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