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Be Courteous to other board members
Pretty self explanatory - we are all friends here, so there's no need to flame.

Do not try to bypass the swear filter
Swearing is allowed on this forum (as long as is not directed at others), and registered users can turn the swear filter off in your preferences, so there is no need to go to any lengths to bypass the swear filter (just turn it off).
The filter is there for a good reason - there are many young children on the board, and it is also ICRA rated, so guest access needs to be filtered.

We don't want to discuss piracy on the board. If you've obtained a copy of one of our games without paying for it, please at least do us the courtesy of staying off the board.
If we had stolen something from you, you would not like it if we came round to your house to tell you about it.

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