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alking through the earth, wh
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 24, 2019 6:43 am    Post subject: alking through the earth, wh Reply with quote

When the heart can no longer afford the dawn of dawn, laziness will erode into the bones. Then, the beautiful words of the beautiful also call the light that is not full of burnout, and the free soul shouts. The original prototype that didn't want to go up was over the wide open door. The ghosts laughed and danced around the flesh. The soul was able to escape the only temptation of the world, and finally found his own clothes in the original place. Concerned about the world, it seems that it is not here. However, freedom is not complete. When you are deeply enchanted by the dance of your own scripture in the perfect night, the harsh voice throws a noble command: returning to the red dust Cigarettes For Sale, lI have read many poems in Du Fu, and there is a poem that writes scenes in my mind. This poem is "The Riverside Steps to Find Flowers": Huang Si Niang's family is full of flowers / thousands of flowers and low pressure / staying in the butterfly Dance/freedom is just right. I think the ecological environment of the Tang Dynasty must be very good. The flowers on the path of Huang Si Niang's family are clustered, so the butterflies flew, and the birds flew in the flowers, and the birds flew to the fun and sang in the branches. At the time of the Tang Dynasty, China had only tens of millions of people. The vast China was naturally suitable for tens of millions of people. I think China at that time should be everywhere in the forest. Just like today's Russia, it looks like a blue sky, and the breath must be very pure air. Now, inhaling the air in our lungs, I am afraid that two-tenths of them are dust that we can hardlyet the pure emptiness die! Who disturbed my secluded memory, who buried my long-cherished freedom, I am inexplicable, I am ashamed, I am exhausted, I am empty, I am helpless, I am confused, I am bitter, I am suffering. I just want to embrace the fallen happiness. Reluctantly perceive a thin life, the breath of the dust spits a dripping flame and shows me powerful power. In the face of that exquisite pride, I really can't fight back. You must take the road of life and never escape. You don't have to relive the joy of the old days. Don't have to be blind and stupid Wholesale Cigarettes. Long wind and short waves Newport Cigarettes, wind, snow and rain, which is not the experience of life? Throughout the sky, walking through the earth, where there is no sorrow of turmoil? Looking at the world with cold eyes, the extreme loss of the power of the nerves, I hope, the sky of my return to the soul can have a silent memory
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