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I was a child
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 12, 2019 2:11 am    Post subject: I was a child Reply with quote

Since I was a child, I have always heard the words of the grown-ups, and the appearance and innerness of a person can only be seen from the pens they write. Some of you believe that you don��t have any confidence in yourself. It��s not okay to write a word so ugly. So when you were a child Wholesale Cigarettes, you could draw a picture. You can't write it very reluctantly, because you are afraid that people will say that your words are as ugly as people, because you spend your time on thinking and drawing. When you grow up, you use the computer. You are like a reinterpretation. If you don��t write with your hand, you dare to say the word, but these have a good side and a bad side, because the brain turns into a blank when you hold the pen. No computer can do nothing, the hand did not put his eyes and did not stare, take out the paper and hold the pen for a long time can not write a word. I still miss the few excerpt notes I have written and the diary of the Qing dynasty. The diary written in that article is not good, but it can be written like a wind, and the words are scattered. When the notes were taken out from the country, they turned over to the girl. The diary was burned, and the mind was hidden in the heart, and the long smoldering was suffocated. It is unhappy to say that the children who are in the text are not happy. In fact, they are not very convinced. They just say that they are more sensitive. According to the cousin��s words, they read more books, and they are more tired when they think about it. But the words make the brain a lot more empty, can think of a farther place Newport Cigarettes, some things look farther and want to release. Maybe because you shouldn't be happy, just like someone is very surprised why your character will be so good, but they don't know that it is because the words nourish your heart, and the dream occupies you. When I was young, I would ridicule myself that "the heart is taller than the sky, and the life is thinner than paper." Because you are the kind of person who will lie on the hillside and watch the sky during the day, regardless of whether the sister has dug a large part of the mountain, because you are I will ask my sister a lot of questions, and I can't answer them when I ask them. You always don't understand, so you are the one who has the most books at home, so you are incompatible with them in the eyes of the next person. The one sentence is, "Hey, can't play with you." You can only ridicule yourself that this is the generation gap between local tyrants and civilians. In fact, you have always been a blessed person, because you meet the text, it allows you to understand a big sky, from the herb garden to the Sanwei Bookstore and a back garden, there is another world from the small river next to the stockade. You walk through a mountain is a spring, youth is the backing of dreams, the text is a boat riding the wind. When you turn the fantasy in the text into a life, you go in that direction, fight for no regrets, work hard to say, your unyielding character, and then walk out of your own sky, your sky Very light, but you like it. There are rumors in the lines of the word, the thoughts of the people in the world, so no matter how much injustice you give to life, you can bear it. So no matter how you miss it, you still feel that you can bear it. You don��t have the kind of family atmosphere. You are also at all Unlike the kind of woman who has suffered, because the second time the text re-emphasizes your elegant and calm personality, positive and optimistic attitude towards life, you will sometimes be depressed but still happy. People can't look at words, they can't think of beauty, they are all beautiful women, and they are all talented women. The beauty of flowers is only a moment, but the tree is strong mokingusacigarettes.com. I like people who can understand your words, because only when you understand you can you understand it. On the contrary, it becomes a burden. Two people must have a common hobby and words together. If he does not care about everything you like Carton Of Cigarettes, then get along. It will be very tired, the encounter will be very cold, not who is right or wrong, but the text is the same as him, "the cow chews the peony", so the heart and mind are the same. It��s because I��m so happy that I can��t write words Marlboro Gold. It��s too tragic and I can��t write words. I just want to be a grassroots woman. In the ordinary life, I practice my pen lightly. In the complicated humanity, I pursue it shallowly. The heart is pure, and you will experience all the experiences of life. You should cherish life and cherish it. There is a love and a joy, a tearful place, and a dream for your own life in writing. You admit your own cranky thoughts, you also admit that you are making a mess, but you are sure that the emotions expressed in the text are real, those are because they have not been obtained, and they are eager to write, because you want The beauty of the text, touched the heart of the heart of the heart, let someone fall into the dream.

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