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3 short book reviews
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Pod Team
Pod Team

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2007 10:00 pm    Post subject: 3 short book reviews Reply with quote

Just a few books I've been reading lately:

The Horus Heresy Series
Horus Heresy Series
Various Authors

Mark is the big Games Workshop fan at Moonpod and lent me these books, but I also have a history with their products - especially Warhammer 40K. The Games Workshop novelization team have taken on perhaps the biggest story in the Warhammer universe - The Horus Heresy. It's a tale that ran as a thread through all the WH40 literature, and throughout episodes of White Dwarf, and has always fascinated me. What I really love so far (there's already another 2 books after these 3) is the way the same characters are followed throughout the books - with such an epic tale, it could so easily have degenerated into lots of differing story arcs. Great stuff, particularly if you are a WH40k fan (probably quite impenetrable if you are not!).

Douglas Coupland: jPod
Douglas Coupland

A book about a group of game developers nick-named the podsters? sounds like something I'd want to read! Douglas Coupland has a big following in the software development community, although I'd never heard of him until jPod. Whilst some of its references to development hell at a big game dev company (which is obviously EA) were something I enjoyed, and I loved the various characters within the jPod team, I felt it was spoiled by being a little bit too tongue-in-cheek. If it had been played 'straight' I think the inherent humour might have had chance to flourish, but incessant silliness and the Author's insistence at writing himself into the book as someone the characters meet all the time ended up making the book fall flat for me.

William Gibson: Pattern Recognition
Pattern Recognition
William Gibson

This is William Gibson's latest. Even though I've always been a fan of his work, I've always thought his ideas were just a little bigger than his writing ability in perhaps the same way Philip K Dick was. This time round though I think he's managed to get everything exactly right. I really feel like this book is a notch above his other work. The book is set in present day times, so not scifi like his previous works, although it is permeated by modern day technology. Story follows Cayce Pollard, who's psychological 'allergy' to logos makes her much sought after by marketing companies. Hired to find the creator of an internet movie that's becoming something of a phenomenon, it's an incredibly compelling read.
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