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help trying to get started programming
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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2007 12:01 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


If you want to make your own game and can't program (yet), I would suggest learning, it's not an easy process and some things really will get to you.

I would personally not go the C/C++ route just because "that's what everybody else uses." I would learn a language that enforces good design and structure on you, a language that will be able to do everything you want and more, so that it grows with you. That language I would say is Ada 95/2005 which is a modern OO language. Ada 2005 compilers are still thin on the ground, so stick with 95 and then move to 2005 when the compilers are available.

I have a page up at the moment which shows uses of Ada with OpenGL/SDL and the code compiles under Win32 (using the MinGW compilers) and Linux . In fact all of it was developed under Linux.

I would then suggest learning C/C++ as what you'll learn from Ada will make you a better programmer/software designer in the long run.

The reason I say not to use C/C++ first is because the language isn't strict which means you'll be spending most of your time getting the source to compile, followed by endless debugging. I very rarely touch the debugger in Ada as it's a very strict language and the compiler helps you to learn the language.

Ada is incredibly wordy, but don't let that scare you. One of the design goals of Ada was for the language to be readable. Remember, you'll go back to your source and re-read it in the future, make sure you can by naming things correctly, i.e. don't fall into the C/C++ trap of using i, j, k, ptr, etc. for names, and Hungarian notation is utterly stupid, the guy who invented that should be shot.

Another thing about Ada is that the language standards are available freely, unlike C/C++.

Another thing you will want to learn is the use of tools from a command line. If you're using Win32 that's going be a horrible experience, but if you use MinGW, you get a better CLI. By using the compiler from a command line, you'll gain experience of the switches you need. Also, if you do go into the sw dev industry, you may end up working with GNU tools (a lot of places that don't do Win32 work use them).

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