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In the last three
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 07, 2019 6:18 am    Post subject: In the last three Reply with quote

In the last three years of my compulsory education, I spent all my time in a school that didn��t rely on Dashan but Xiaojiang Marlboro Red. According to the traditional method of name, the school directly named Xiaojiang on the neighboring side, and it was the same as the Oriental Elementary School. But the former is far less famous than the latter. The main reason is that the school is located in a small town. This is probably because the father must have his son and now think about it. This school gives me the first feeling that it is narrow, school. The aerial view of the complex resembles an irregular quadrilateral Marlboro Lights, and it takes less than three minutes to walk along the inner edge of the quadrilateral. In the middle of the quadrilateral, a basketball court and two volleyball courts were repaired, which also accounted for the development of sports in China. The left rear is an old school building connected in a 7-shape, one-third is used in the classroom, and the remaining two-thirds are used as a male dormitory and a female dormitory. The two widescreen blackboards in the dormitory always give the illusion of dozing off in class, for fear that the teacher will lick his hair. The front is a newly built teaching building, and the gleaming appearance under the sun is also a bit of a smug smugness when the poor children wear new clothes. Needless to say on the right side, it is a teacher's residential area that is not allowed to enter. As for the dining hall and the kitchen, the reality is that the school has removed the shortcomings and the advantages can still be counted one by one. First of all, you can imagine that the students here will be the loyal supporters of the family planning policy. Moreover, every day, sighing against the rolling river, you can't sigh and sigh and evolve into a Confucius. At the beginning of Xiaosheng, I got a good test, even though the score is enough. Going to another good middle school in the town, but I have distinguished the rhetoric difference between Chinese and English very early Cigarettes Online. In English, better is a "good point" to really open the distance. When you change to Chinese, the meaning is always there. Unclear. Therefore, I finally went to see Jiangshui for three years as a free student. Of course, when I watched the river, I couldn��t help but have some stories. According to my experience, the so many stories in Chinese history have nothing to do with "many people are too small." Gossip is not much to say, returning to the truth. At that tim
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