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I thought about
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:56 am    Post subject: I thought about Reply with quote

I thought about it all the time ago, I didn��t know how to write anything. After I wrote it in the future, I would have to lower my level Newport Cigarettes. The current year��s taste is not as strong as in the past, when I was at home. , and a few brothers in one, talking about the law of childhood, of course, refers to our children, adults do not drink, play cards, push mahjong. When we were young, we called the New Year. At that time, in addition to the early eagerness of the big fish on the table, the greatest fun of the Chinese New Year was to set off firecrackers. At that time, unlike the current variety of toy cannons, what kind of "scratch"? Fireworks? Wait, we were waiting for the adults to put thousands of firecrackers. After they finished, they ran to grab the fish that didn��t ring, and the cotton jacket��s pockets were full. There are many ways to play it, for example: Break him from the middle, put it on the ground, use the scent of worship to point the fuse, and see it shine brightly, although for a moment, but we still play the exhilaration. There is also the Solitaire type, which is also from the middle section, connecting the fuse and the gunpowder, the long one, the first fuze, and then watching it keep lighting, after the beauty, always leave fireworks on the bluestone The memory is early in the morning, we will get together, the bold children will play a dangerous game, they all know that the fuzes of the firecrackers are burning fast, and very quickly, they put the firecrackers in their hands, one hand in the gun, one hand Take the incense Newport 100S, throw it out in a moment of igniting, the scene will always be thrilling. When we stand next to us, we will always keep our eyes flashing, our hands cover our ears, our heads will be pulled to the other side, and it will not be him. I, the firecrackers thrown out will fly to us. However, happy is happy. Every year, when you play firecrackers, you won��t stop when you don��t blow it. Maybe it can be called pain, and happy. I can't see it now. At that time, we were active in the village. The screaming figure with scattered firecrackers was replaced by quiet villages. We grew up, no longer the children at that time, and our fun is not. Again, no one can take it on and continue our fun. These beautiful things in our hearts are gradually mellow with age Cigarettes Online, and when they meet each other, when they laugh, they will be younger and younger, and they have been living.
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