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Poo Bear
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PostPosted: Wed May 11, 2011 5:21 pm    Post subject: Insidious Reply with quote

DON'T WATCH THE TRAILER - it'll just spoil it Smile

Great horror movie, its from the people who did 'Paranormal Activity' - and the first half is very similar. Documentary style filming, serious, realistic, you don't really see much and as with the previous film it works very well. Film makers just can't help themselves and usually HAVE to show a man in a rubber suit or excess cgi sooner or later. Yet we all know, the monster of your mind is far scarier than anything they can put together in makeup, but that mental illusion is killed the minute they do the reveal. Paranormal Activity is excellent, you never really get to see anything and yet it's very frightening. Insidious switches away from this 'don't show' formula about half way through and the reveals kick in. However, I think they do it purposefully in this film, in Paranormal Activity the made a great film without revealing anything, this time they want to try something different. It doesn't quite work, but it's clever, so where PA was a 9/10 I think Insidious is a 8/10. The lady sat next to me had both hands over her eyes for most of the film and could frequently be heard crying - that's a glowing review for a horror movie if ever there was one.

For reference:
Paranormal Activity - man next to me looked at over on the way out, didn't say anything, but gave me that expression 'phew, that was a bit scary'. Tick!

The Orphanage - man a few seats down jumped right out of his seat at one point and sent his popcorn flying everywhere. Tick.

The Blair Witch - everyone started coughing and sighing, some walked out early, everyone was grumbling on the way out. Epic fail.

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