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h1r1 - the first room
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2007 9:59 am    Post subject: h1r1 - the first room Reply with quote

Here is the lua script for the first room in the game

Note - x = room width (left=0 to right), y = room height (bottom=0 to top), z = room length (front=0 to back). You can work out coordinates using the editor by selecting a single square tile and moving it around the room and reading off the coordinates displayed.


-- asimov is frozen, effect plays on his head, he wakes up, hel tells him to get to work,
-- player gets control

-- definitions - these are unchanging "names" for the different states this room can get in

-- globabls - these values will be set when we enter the room and then we'll change
-- them as things happen, if we leave the room and walk back in they'll reset to these values again
g_timer = 0
g_state = DOWNLOAD

--a function called sequence is always called if we're new to the room
--it will keep being called over and over while we are in the room
function sequence()

   if( g_state == DOWNLOAD ) then   
      --stop him and wait a tiny bit
      closeDoor( 0, true )  -- close the door straight away, do it instantly
      overrideAsimov( true ) -- stop the player moving around
      -- grab a dummy robot in the room and make it walk from xz1->xz2->xz3 and back again
      sendMessage( "h1r1dummy", "SYSTEM", "WANDER", "2,0,7,0,7,8" )
      g_state = INTRO_EFFECT -- switch to the next state next time this function runs
      g_timer = getTime()  -- setup a timer
   elseif( g_state == INTRO_EFFECT ) then
      if( not timerExpired( 500, g_timer ) ) then
         return false  -- wait around a bit, no rush
      --play an effect on his head
      Asimov = getDynamicObject( "PLAYER" ) -- grab the player object
      x, y, z = getDisplayPos( Asimov ) -- work out where it is
      y = y + 0.85 -- go above it slightly
      launchEffectSimple( x, y, z, "asimov_brain_download" ) -- play a little sparkly effect
      g_state = START_CONV
      g_timer = getTime()
   elseif( g_state == START_CONV ) then

      -- wait for the effect to finish      
      if( not timerExpired( 3000, g_timer ) ) then
         return false

      -- play a conversation
      name = "T01_asimov_wakeup"
      playConversation( name )   
      g_state = WAIT_CONV_FINISH

   elseif( g_state == WAIT_CONV_FINISH ) then

      -- when the conversation finishes release asimov      
      if( isConversationActive() ) then
         return false
      overrideAsimov( false )
      openDoor( 0, false )  -- open the door slowly
      return true

   return false

-- when sequence returns true the game remembers and then starts calling
-- completed instead, use this to keep things tidy after the room is finished with
function completed()

   if( g_state == DOWNLOAD ) then   -- remember our state variable will reset when we leave and come back
      -- getKeyVal and saveKeyVal are a way for scripts to save bits of text permanently
      -- and let other scripts check them later. In this case we are checking for some major event happening
      -- later in the game that means all the robots should have gone
      if( getKeyVal( "z1r17" ) == "main_objective" ) then
         sendMessage( "h1r1dummy", "SYSTEM", "DISABLE", "" ) -- stop that dummy robot doing stuff
         sendMessage( "h1r1dummy", "SYSTEM", "SHOW", "FALSE" ) -- make it vanish
         sendMessage( "h1r1dummy", "SYSTEM", "WANDER", "2,0,7,0,7,8" ) -- otherwise make sure it keeps wandering about
      openDoor( 0, true ) -- make sur ethe door stays open, do it fast
      -- put us into any other state just so we stop running this bit of code
      g_state = INTRO_EFFECT
   return true


Does this help anyone or just add to the confusion Smile
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