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Starscape Characters

 Starscape: Purchase The Full Game

Played the demo and want more? The full game adds this and more:

No more 20 minute timeout
Loading of saves enabled
5 zones (only one in the demo)
Upload your score
More enemies
Find out what happened to the Crew of the Aegis in the stunning climax
Zone Bosses
Vast array of equipment to research and build
Free Lifetime updates.


Due to changes in manufacturing processes, actual product may differ in appearance from that shown

Download Only Version

No more to download if you already have the demo
Play straight away!


CD-Rom Version

No online registration required (works straight out of the box)
Additional Wallpapers

Nice DVD keep case!


Unlock the demo and play the game whilst you wait for the CD to arrive

Postage Worldwide and Packing Included

Please Allow up to 28 days for delivery

30-Day Guarantee!. If you are not completely satisfied we will promptly refund your payment. Click here for more details.

 Direct Payment
If you would like to pay by cheque, cash, or from a country that Paypal does not support, click here to use our direct payment method. You can also use this method to pay by credit card if PayPal's servers are down for maintenance. Direct Purchase

 Important Information - Please Read

Current Addresses in PayPal accounts

All correspondence (including unlock codes) is sent to the primary email address specified by your PayPal account, please ensure this is up to date.

Hotmail / Yahoo / Webmail Accounts
If you use a web mail account (e.g. hotmail or yahoo) please ensure that your inbox is not full, and that your junk mail filter is not set to maximum.

When paying by e-check your payment takes 4 to 5 days to clear, and we cannot process your order until the check has cleared.

International Postage
The CD version price includes postage and packing to any country worldwide. There are no hidden costs.


 Security Information

If you have any questions about using your credit card on the internet, please feel free to visit PayPal.com. They have an extensive list of frequently asked questions, and are available to answer any queries by email about order security.

Any other billing or payment method enquiries can be mailed to:



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 Minimum Spec

Windows 95/98/2000/XP
DirectX 5 or later
110Mb disk space

Intel Pentium II-300 or equivalent

3D Hardware accelerator, game tested with:
Sis305 or better
nVidia TNT2/GeForce 3DFX voodoo3 or better
Kyro series
ATI Radeon series
Matrox G200 or better
Trident Blade XP or better
Intel Extreme Graphics

Latest OpenGL or DirectX8 drivers

64Mb system memory

If you are unsure whether your hardware will run the game. please try the
demo version
of the game first

Important Information

Using hotmail / yahoo / webmail addresses.
CD-Rom Version postage