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I am so crazy
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 9:03 am    Post subject: I am so crazy Reply with quote

I am so crazy, but I am dancing. A sword broke through the sky and looked back at the blood. ����After the friend��s dying, the score is a song, why is it so sad? The dead leaves are all dreams, and why the story is destined to finish at the beginning. I want to pick up the waves of time, and leave me alone and still can't reverse. I thought I was laughing, would you laugh too? It��s so cold, there is no sunshine, only rain falls, feathers fly. Seeing the bustling mokingusacigarettes.com, but unable to understand the hearts of the people. Is it my young age, or is it too persistent? I want to commemorate the people I remember, because I woke up many times and thought that it was just a dream. You have forgotten myself. After drunk, it is parting. I didn't tell you, and I don't dare to be ruthless. But we have long forgotten, and ruthlessness begins with affection. The sword is guardian, the road is ruthless, so there is love. Therefore, I am a sword and my sword is broken. Drama dreams, cold heart, a sword laughs away from the song, a sword broken heart. The time is warm, the years are cold, and we are getting farther and farther, and we are already cold. A long life, between the fingers, the year of interruption, and cherish. If life is a play, the truth in the play, and ruthlessness will dare to go deep into the play. You and I are exhausted, the curtain is the beginning, the curtain is the beginning, the ink is colored, and the laughter meets. Today, the bustling and exhausted, the wind is rising. I am drunk, and the breeze is not drunk. The flow of light is golden, and the eyes are tearful. In the light of the night, smiling monologues, the book is full of love, but the book is not degraded. Paying a pen to appreciate the moon, the sound of silk and bamboo is long, and the strings are broken. The shackles of Jian Yufeng have ended. When I was a teenager, people dreamed. Today, dreaming of people. I am a passer in your life, but I will never meet the second one, and I am. When the sword is broken, when you and I don��t leave, the road is covered with moist vines and green moss. The memory comes slowly, a period of time, a few dreams, a few years of sand, cooling years I still remember the young Marlboro Lights, the vines, filled with the fragments of memories in the early spring. The new green is entwined with a mottled bamboo frame, so it leans against it, and under the warm sun, it grows a cluster of greenery. The sun shines through the gaps in the leaves, cutting out irregular pieces of the shadows, and the girls wear a little bit of floral, shuttle, and free. I don't know who proposed it. I played the plaid, using the tender little hands Marlboro Cigarettes, groping the stones between the grass, leaving a curved arc on the uneven slate. Pick up the stone, stand at one end, throw at your own goal, with a scream of joy, pick up your toes, carefully jump each square, for fear of any mistakes, the shofar sways with the body, flying, The splash of a layer of music is warm and sunny, and the accompanying stones are the fun of spring. midsummer. The vines are dense and intertwined, blocking the temperature at the top of the head. The leaves are bigger, greener, and thicker. The children look forward to waiting for the translucent fruit. Xishan Xishan, eating dinner, grandmother will move the table under the grape vine frame, look up, is the thick green, screaming and screaming, shaking the wings, making a burst of noise. After eating, the children next door moved to sit in the wooden benches. The grandmother sat on the wooden chair and shook the fan that had been carved by the years. Tell us the story of the fairy: "There is a woman. She is screaming?" In the whisper of the grandmother, the thoughts and thoughts gradually joined together, and gradually fell into a dream, and the parents would come, pick up the sleeping body and send them home. The sound of humming, a story that has been passed down for thousands of years, is the interesting autumn of summer. The autumn is more and more intense, and the leaves on the vines are also in the midst of time, withered and huddled, and the few clear grapes are more conspicuous Cigarettes Online. The grapes that the children read day and night are finally ripe, unable to restrain the joy, take out the small bench, pick out the tallest one of the children, and lift their feet up, the chubby little hands swing back and forth in the air. With a small mouth, I will see it when I see it. Finally, I am enough. The children underneath cheered, and the sweet smile hangs the grape strains. The result of the effort is the autumn winter. In the south of the water town Online Cigarettes, snow is extremely rare. It is such a thin layer, covered on the ground, and falls under the grape rack. The children are all happy and excited, and they use their feet to step out a small footprint. The red hand is still longing for snowflakes. I couldn��t help but grab a handful of snow, lying on my palm, watching the white satin turn into a sultry water, the snow slowly disappeared, under the warm sun, disappeared, the children looked up at the sky, the idiot I am waiting for the next snowy snow with a little bit, waiting for the clear shadow of the snow, that is, the fun of the old year of the winter, the only thing left is the broken wall, the moonlight is faint, chanting, when will it be At that time? I am drunk in the summer of the summer. A sword is in the sunset, and a sword is broken. Oh, goodbye.
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