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It was a bright
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 10, 2019 6:56 am    Post subject: It was a bright Reply with quote

It was a bright morning. At the entrance of the community, there was an old man pushing a car to sell flowers. The flowers of a car, red and green, especially the four seasons red, were particularly conspicuous on this bright morning. I always wanted to buy a basin of dripping water. Lian, just walked over and surrounded some people. A father and son are also buying flowers. The father moved a pot of pomegranate flowers and placed them on the ground. The son is about three or four years old, very pensive, very cute. Watching Dad put the flowers on the ground and ran around and looked down. "Dad Newport 100S, flowers, will bleed when it blooms, will it hurt?" The son asked his father curiously. My father thought very seriously for a while and said, "My son, when the flowers are open, they may bleed, and they will really hurt. But the pain is the hope, the flower of life." "You see this flower is completely Open, isn't a beautiful flower? And this beautiful flower breeds seeds. If you don't give up, you can make such a flower in the coming year." Everyone nodded frequently for the father's words, I was shocked by my father's words, I It��s not easy to think about this father. I don��t know if the child understood his father��s words, but he took a small head and nodded very seriously mokingusacigarettes.com. ��Let��s go home, pack its wounds, don��t let it It hurts. All the people present are amused by the children's words. The lovely children are bred in the pain of crystal pearls. The beautiful babies are born in the shackles. Life only needs to give up hope in pain. Give up the flower of life, the pain is the best nourishment of the flower of life in the noisy city, too many troubles, more stress and repeated work every day, has long for us to forget and stay away from these in nature Do not give up the flower of life. Just think about the pain we have. If we never give up and surpass ourselves when we experience pain, we will face it with the best attitude. When we surpass ourselves, we will appreciate the kind of " The leisure and humiliation of the flowers before the court is relaxed and leisurely Marlboro Gold, "the sky is full of clouds and clouds." Life is like a free and free space. Just like the fragrance of this car, for the short four seasons. Experience the storm and grow hard, let the most beautiful flower of life bloom out. How small is the person between them! I want great pain, in this day you will also release the most beautiful flower of life. Come out, that is the beauty after suffering and surpassing yourself!
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