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Available updates (v1.02)
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Poo Bear
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Pod Team

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 02, 2007 10:55 am    Post subject: Available updates (v1.02) Reply with quote

Just hit your update button to get it.

What was fixed

1. find an eve terminal with limited stock, buy more than she has, crash.
2. player triggered effects can fail to startup on asimov.
3. don't let people cast reboot on a ghost that doesn't need it.
4. get a 3-chip weapon, click on first chip to remove, two go.
5. cannot add more than 5 upgrades in total across all stats.
6. favour keys and gamepad over mouse in tutorial text.
7. stop the game grabbing the mouse focus on load.
8. targeting boxes go crazy at very high res.
9. attach upgrades to weapon, unequip and sell weapon, crash.
10. it's possible to have a number of the same item, use them all up and be left with a zero-sum item that will then crash the shop on your next visit.
11. pressing escape to skip dialogue shouldn't bring up the pda.
12. asimov can miss his turn if he's using an energy steal and it kills his target before his go.
13. roll ball under crusher and game crashes.
14. return to z1r17 after opening cryopod door and get a 2nd key, this can then lead to inventory overflow later and a crash.
15. if you save in z1r17 and samson goes away then you cannot get out.
16. some ghost abilities have delays here and there to wait for animations but it all takes too long.
17. speed the basic ICE attack.
18. hitting "back" when targeting a program/item shouldn't take you all the way back to the main selection.
19. down in arrow in bestiary moves down twice.
20. in the shuttle room you can hack the robots with triggering self destruct, this makes the room script fail.
21. inventory icons don't fit on screen properly.
22. re-enter z1r40 and orgus repeats "follow me to get more mem" speech.
23. in z1r17 the end speech is repeated even if the cryopod door is already open.
24. the getFirstDynamicObject script command actually skips the first object in some circumstances.
25. in z1r34 you can let the robot out and therefore render the room broken.
26. make sure the tutorial tells people to actually hold down jump, not just stab at it.
27. pcnt game complete - doesn't work.
28. pressing zero causes editor to assert.
29. if you re-hack the console in z1r40 after successfully completing the room the game crashes.
30. put "zzZ" on ghosts that are caught napping.
31. multiple saves in one profile can interfere with each other and rooms may get reset.
32. if you use the last of an item that ended up at the end of your items list the game would crash.
33. Hack a stalker. Come straight back out. Sometimes game gets mixed up and you are half in ghost mode and half in the normal game.
34. gameComplete() script command doesn't work.
35. user adventures don't work if paths contain unicode characters.
36. if you get the blocks into a square in h1r2 and are therefore stuck, the game crashes.
37. ghost map found in z1c8 has bad paths.
38. you can jump onto the teleporter in cryo before you should and get to rooms you aren't supposed to yet.
39. adding upgrades to CON doesn't boost health.
40. pressing escape in help screens doesn't exit.
41. if you hack the robots in z1r35 after moving the big crate it resets back and you are stuck.
42. explorer medal doesn't work.
43. pickup medal doesn't work.
44. timer switches don't work if you slide a crate on and then off again.
45. zelda gets stuck behind the door in h1r7.
46. drop a crate on Samson and he blows up.
47. if no ghost hack maps available then hacking a robot crashes the game.
48. after you max out at level4 it still keeps telling you to look for new programs.
49. you can buy certain things at eve terminals for free.
50. in h1r12 the map shows the doors are open when they aren't.
51. high level random item drops are too frequent.
52. z1r16 breaks if you hack and kill all the robots.
53. get hold of multiple virus weapons, sell them all, save, game crashes.
54. game crashes whenever I enter mindr12 - I think this is fixed, there were issues in this room and it all seems to work fine now.
55. if profile A has 6 or more games and profile B has less then switching from profile to the other can cause a crash if the cursor is at the end of the games list.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 6:31 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Finally, the version has been updated. I was waiting for essayheaven.org update so long but itís great to hear that this time the manufacturer has resolved so many bugs. Hope the latest version will work perfectly.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 13, 2018 8:17 am    Post subject: SMS API Provider Reply with quote

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